Top 10 Almond Brands 1Kg Pack-Buyer’s Guide

Hey friends this article discusses the top 10 almond brands 1Kg pack-buyer’s guide. Since I mentioned buyers guide, We are going to know about these brands in a gist and what they have to provide to us.  

1. Nutraj California Almonds 1Kg

Nutraj California Almonds 1kg- Top 10 Almond Brands 1Kg Pack-Buyer’s Guide
Nutraj California Almonds

Nutraj has been in market since 1920’s. Nutraj is globally spread and has been expanding its coverage since past 90 years.  This brand is one of the most trusted sellers and has an exhaustive collection of dried fruits. We can have dry fruits from the country of which it is the specialty. While you can have Californian Almonds, at the same time you can have Mamra Almonds from Iran, Afghanistan as well as Kashmir. 

Nutraj is one of the brands to sell Almonds in a KG pack. Not all brands do that. 

Nutraj Sells California Almonds in a pack of 1Kg. Nutritious and delicious Almonds full of vitamin E and Manganese are sold in a plastic bag packaging. The bag dimensions are 30 * 210 *  330 Millimeters. 

Nutraj imports California Almonds from the US. This product has a seller rating of 45 on amazon. 

Almonds are vegetarian. The ratings for Nutraj’s California Almonds 1 Kg Pack are 4.1 out of 5 for 9200 reviews. 

2. Amazon Brand- Solimo Premium Almonds, 1Kg

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Solimo Whole Almonds

Solimo is an Amazon’s Brand selling almost everything. From Kitchen Appliances to decors’ and to dryfruits, Solimo belongs to Amazon. 

Now when we talk about solimo dry fruits, we are actually talking about a huge variety of dried fruits and nuts. Amazon ensures the quality of all products sold on its website, so why won’t it do same for its own brand?

Solimo has high quality products that are made available from overseas as well as the domestic markets. At you can find 1Kg of Almonds imported from the USA- thus California Badam. Here in India the Solimo unit is with Candor Foods Pvt. Ltd. Yet the Almonds are imported by Global Groceries. 

The brand has the seller ranking of 36 on the website. While the Customer reviews are 4.2 out of 5 for 19k Feedbacks. 

The Almonds are stored in a vacuum plastic bag, which is put in a cardboard carton. The Carton dimensions are 16 * 6 * 23 cm.

3. Wonderland foods California raw almonds- 1kg

Wonderland Raw Almonds
Wonderland foods California raw Almonds-1 Kg

Sun Organic Industries are the importers of California Almonds from the USA. The wonderland foods have a seller rating of 4/5. 

The customer reviews of Positivity are almost 2750+.  All this was achieved by this brand within a period of 3 years. 

The Raw Almonds by Wonderland California are fresh, light colored, Big kernels. The nuts are well cleaned, air-tight, well-preserved, yet crispy and milky. 

If you happen to check the reviews on Amazon for this product you will find it is worth every penny. 

4. Tulsi California Almonds 1 Kg

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Tulsi California raw Almonds-1 Kg

One of the most dominant Almond brands in Indian Markets is Tulsi. 

The Almond importers of Tulsi California Almonds are Bajaj Overseas Impex. While the Manufacturers are the K.B.B Nuts pvt. Ltd. 

The brand has the best seller rank of 717 on Amazon that makes it one of the best.

For 1 Kg Product the dimensions are 29.5 * 19.5 * 5 cm. 

Tulsi California Almonds have a rating of 4.1/5 from 2739 ratings. The reviews are extremely positive. 

5. Miltop California Almonds 1 Kg

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Miltop Almonds

Miltop is a Jamunanagar, Gujrat based brand ranking #15 for its Almonds on Amazon.  

Miltop California Almonds 1Kg Pack is one of the few brands to sell Almonds in a KG pack. The nuts are imported from California USA by Miltop exports. 

The taste of the nuts is moderately sweet. The size of Almonds are purely Californian, and dark brown in color. 

1Kg pack has a dimensions of 19 * 6 * 30 cm.

The Brand has a ranking of 706 in Grocery and Gourmet Foods on Amazon. Furthermore, the rating is 4.1/5

6.Urban Platter California Almonds 1 Kg

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Urban Platter Almonds

Urban Platter is a Mumbai based company with its branch in Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata.

A highly accepted Dry Fruit Brand, Urban Platter ranks #151 in Almonds. The product rates 4.1 /5 . 

Urban Platter is one of my personal favorites.  Good Quality Products are provided with an excellent packaging. 

The Dimensions of Urban Platter California Almonds 1 Kg pack is 31 * 22 * 8 cm.   

7. Vedaka Popular Whole Almonds 1 Kg

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Vedaka Popular Whole Almonds

Vedaka is yet another popular brand for quality dry fruits. 

The manufacturers of this brand is Candor Foods pvt. ltd. 

This brand has a ranking of 4.2 / 5 on amazon. And ranks quite high for their seller rank. The brand has a ranking of 699 for in all over grocery and gourmet category while for Almonds particularly it ranks #14. 

The Vedaka Popular Whole Almonds, 1 Kg pack has a dimensions of 26 * 19 * 26 cm. 

The almonds sold by Vedaka are of Indian Origin and not imported from US. 

8. Rostaa Premium Classic Almonds Value Pack, 1000g

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Rostaa Premium Classic Almonds Value Pack, 1000g

Roastaa Premium Classic Almonds Value Pack of 1000 g are sourced from California. 

Roastaa Products come in resealable airtight packs, with no pesticides and chemicals used.

Roastaa gets its products from Royal Foods pvt. ltd. The brand ranks #21 for the Best Almond Brands in India. And has an overall ranking of #1859 in the best sellers for grocery and gourmet category. 

Roastaa is FSSAI approved. And the nuts are imported from USA by imported by Royal foods pvt. ltd.  

9. Upcrop Premium California Almonds

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Upcrop Premium California Almonds

The Product Manufacturers for UpCrop Premium California Almonds are Connedit Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.  The Company is Located in South Delhi.  

The Brand Ranks #4 in Almonds and #73 in Grocery and Gourmets. 

The brand rating is 4.2/5. 

The Product UpCrop Premium California Almonds of 1Kg Pack is imported from California and comes in the packaging of 7.1 * 5.1 * 2.6 cm. 

The bag has a zip-lock pouch keeping the nuts fresh and crunchy for a longer time.

The Zip Lock keeps the nuts fresh and from turning stale for a longer time. 

10. Neu farm California Almonds

Neu Farm California Almonds
Neu.Farm - California Almonds- 1Kg

Neu.Farm has its manufacturers as ‎Novasatum Foods Private Limited, Sanand, Ahmedabad. 

The brand ranks #13 in Almonds. California Almonds 1 Kg pack is packed in a polythene wrapping. The nuts are big in size, tasty and crunchy. 

It is recommended that these almonds are soaked overnight and then consumed in the morning.  

Neu.Farm California Almonds are light brown in color.

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How Many Almonds Can Be Eaten a Day?

You can consume as many almonds a day as you want. However, keep in mind that the quantity doesn’t exceed 23. As nuts are heaty snacks, may be they cause some reaction to other health issues. 

What is the best time to eaten Almonds?

Best time of eating almonds is in the morning. 

Have a handful of badam after breaking the fast with a glass of water. This is proven to be beneficial and is a traditional way of consuming almonds as well. 

What is the best way to eat Almonds?

We can have anything we want to consume in the way we want. For dried fruits mostly, the nuts are added in sweets and consumed like that often. Some prefer to take a dry fruit mixture raw.

however, for obtaining the maximum benefits out of Almonds, the best way is to soak those in a glass of water overnight and eat the nuts and drink the water.

The water becomes a major source of antioxidants and serve as the best source of anti-ageing treatment.

Benefits of Eating Soaked Almonds Empty Stomach?

Soaked Almonds are antioxidant rich. The water takes all the essential nutrients and antioxidants and becomes a powerful source. 

The water, in which you have soaked the Almonds overnight becomes a source of many medicinal benefits. Thus, Consuming the water and the soaked Almonds can guard shield against so many diseases. 

The benefits of Eating Soaked Almonds Empty Stomach are:

  1. Boosting Digestive Health.
  2. Beautifies hair and skin.
  3. Improves brain Functioning and Memory.
  4. Decreases LDL Cholesterol and improves HDL Cholesterol.

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