Top 10 Best Almond Brands In India 2024

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This Article is about the Top 10 Best Almond Brands in India 2024. 

India expands to very huge lands. From the Western Thar Desert to Eastern Sundarbans Delta, From Himalayas in North to Coastal Regions in South, there exists huge diversity.

This huge variations in lands and the terrain that exists, causes varying demands among the locals and a very diversified taste. 

Since this Topic is about top 10 Best Almond Brands in India 2024, we will first know a brief introduction of types of almonds available in Indian markets.

Types of Almonds in India

India Serves a market to products from almost all the countries of the world. Almonds are imported from the Major producers of the nut into the Indian subcontinent.

There are varieties produce by the state itself and there are varieties imported from other markets. Let us know about the types of Almonds available in India in general.

1. Irani Mamra

Iranian Mamra are oval shaped almonds with a unique texture in appearance. The nut is buttery to eat. 

The Badam is comparatively larger in size than Afghani Mamra and Californian Variety.

Iranian Mamra almonds have higher oil content as well. They are sweet in taste. No chemicals and fertilizers are used since the seed is sown to the harvest and packaging of these almonds

2. Afghani Mamra

mamra badam benefits for brain

The Afghani Mamra almond is next on the list. It has a medium size, and it tastes good, too. The amount of oil is a little less than Iranian Mamra, but it has something extra special, which is its crunchiness.

3. Kashmiri Mamra

kashmiri almonds benefits

A Kashmiri Mamra, widely used throughout the Subcontinent, has a smaller size than the Iranian Mamra.. There are some major differences between the Iranian and Kashmiri varieties of Mamra, including a sweeter taste and a better texture. Furthermore, Kashmiri Mamra has a softer texture.

3. Californian Almonds

almonds nutrition facts 100g

Californian Almonds have many Subtypes. The variety has lesser oil content than the Mamra, and the shell is comparatively softer. 

The variety is bit bitter and nut is filled. No central pit is present.

The most Common varieties of Californian Almonds are:

3.1 Non-Pareil Californian Almonds

Non-Pareil has a thinner outer shell, and is medium-sized, light-colored nut with a smooth surface. Further the Nut is of medium thickness.

3.2 Carmel Californian Almonds

Carmel is often substituted for non-Pareil Californian Almonds. The nut is easier to crack and is often consumed blanches or roasted.

3.3 Butte Californian Almonds

Butte is a semi-hard shelled variety, with a smooth surface and a light colour. The Kernel is shorter with a wrinkled surface. 

3.4 Peerless Californian Almonds

Peerless Californian Almonds is a hard shelled variety, with a smooth surface and a light colour. The Nut seed is medium sized, wide shaped, and a fairly wrinkled surface. 

3.5 Sonora Californian Almonds

Sonora Californian Almonds is a paper shelled variety, with the shell having a rough surface and a dark colour. The Nut-seed is long sized, narrow in shape, and light colour. 

4. Gurbani Almonds

gurbandi almonds benefits

Gurbani Almonds, Gurbandi Almonds or Choti Giri Almonds are imported from Afghanistan.

Gurbani Almonds are rich in nutrients and with a higher anti-oxidant contents. Gurbani Almon ds have a more oil content than Californian Almonds, but lesser than Mamra. 

Choti Giri name is because of the fact that these almonds are smaller in size. The flavor is bittersweet. 

Moving on to the actual topic of our article, top 10 best almond brands in India 2023. 

Top 10 Best Almond Brands in India 2023

1. Tulsi Almonds

almonds nutrition
Tulsi Almonds

Tulsi is one of the most trusted dry fruit brands in India. Tulsi Brand sells California Almonds of Premium quality imported from the USA. The Dry Fruits are available in the packaging of 500g, 1Kg. Almonds come in many varieties like raw California Almonds, Lightly Salted Almonds, Roasted Almonds.

The company sells Gurbandi Badam Giri, also known as Shahi Badam and Choti Giri as well. This variety is imported Afghani badam. 

2. Solimo Almonds

Solimo Almonds top 15 best almond brands in india
Solimo Almonds

Solimo is one of the best Amazon sellers. Their whole almonds are exquisite in taste and delightful to eat. Solimo premium almonds come in the packaging of 250g, 500g, 1 kg. Moreover, you can purchase combo packs as well. Solimo is a UP based brand importing nuts from Mumbai. 

3. Happilo Premium Almonds

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Happilo is highly accepted among the masses. They have a good collection of dry fruits and exceptionally welcomed combo packs. 

Happilo Sells premium quality Gluten free Californian Almonds imported from USA. 

4. Nutraj Almonds

Nutraj Almonds Top 15 Best Almond Brands in India

Nutraj is the brand name for manufacturer VKC nuts pvt ltd. 

The brand has the best variety of Californian Almonds available in different packaging sizes of 250g, 500g, 1000g. 

The product is packed in zip-lock air-tight pack.  

5. Kashmir Online Store Almonds

Kashmir Online Store Almonds

Kashmir Based Store, switched online recently, managed to make its name high among its competitors. Almonds by Kashmir Online Store are Kashmiri Almond Kernels, Californian Almonds, Imported Afghani Mamra, Imported Iranian Mamra, Kashmiri Mamra Giri, Kagzi Kashmiri Almonds. Hard Shell Kashmiri Almonds.  


6. Vedaka Almonds

Vedaka Whole Almonds
Vedaka Almonds

Another popular dry fruits brand is Vedaka. 

Vedaka Brand Mostly Sells Californian Almonds in Plastic bags. Whole almonds are available in sizes of 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg etc. 

The brand is FSSAI approved.

7. Ancy Almonds

benefits of almonds for skin
Ancy Almonds

Ancy Dried fruits is a registered brand from pitampura delhi, well known for its dried figs. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that apart from dry fruits they sell pulses as well. 

Ancy sells Californian Almonds in pack of 250g. You can purchase whole almond giri, natural jumbo size nuts or as combo packs.

Order now! 

8. Urban Platter Almonds

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Urban Platter

Urban Platter is one of those brands that amazes me day in and out.

With a very huge variety of Dry Fruits Urban Platter has made its name quite high in no time. 

Now Urban Platter serves numerous almond products, which makes it one of my favorites.  

Urban Platter Gurbani Almonds; also known as choti giri are imported from Afghanistan. These almonds by Urban Platter are available in a pack size of 500g. 

Urban Platter Makes available Jumbo and Bold Mamra in a pack of 400g. 

Chocolate coated California Almonds are also available in a pack of 350g. 

California Almonds are available sliced, blanched, Blanched Silvered, Natural Silvered, sliced blanched, healthy bowl California Almonds, Bold Mamra, and California Gold Almonds.

Take your pick. 

9. Carnival Almonds

almond benefits and side effects

Candor foods is the manufacturer of the brand Carnival.

100% Natural , these nuts are imported from USA and thus the Almond variety is Californian. Though Carnival doesn’t provide as much Almond varieties as Urban Platter does, yet, it is highly rated Almond brand on Amazon. 

The Product comes in box packing, of sizes 250g and 500g. 

10. Sainik's Almonds

almonds nutrition facts 100g
Sainik's Almond

Sainik’s Dry Fruit mall is another highly accepted brands in Dry fruits. The company sells quality California Almonds Variety in Plastic bag packaging. 

Sainik’s Almonds come in a pack of 1000 Grams as American Badam Giri. the other size packs available are 200g, 250g, 400g, 500g.

Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall imports Iranian Mamra Almonds, which are sold in a pack of size 250g. 


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Which Country Almond is Best?

Kashmiri Mamra are the best according to me. 

They are the least among the produced varieties. Thus rare.

Not only that they are Nutritionally very beneficial, free from chemicals and fertilizers. 

Kashmiri Almonds have a more Oil Content than all other Almond varieties. 

People may feel like Californian Almonds are better given they are cheaper.  But that is not the case.

How Can You Tell Badam Quality?

Badam Quality is simply evident by the appearance. But more or less we can tell about it after we consume the nuts.

If the badam are in their original color, with no fungus on them; If they smell nutty and not stale- then we can say Badam are of good quality. 

Before purchasing Mamra, you can check if they have a pit in the mid. While for California Almonds look for whole unpitted nuts.

How Many Almonds Should you eat in a day?

Nearly 20-23 almonds are recommend for acquiring all the daily required nutrients a day. 

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