Top 10 Best Ajwa Dates Brands in India

top 10 best ajwa dates brands in india

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This article is about the Top 10 Best Ajwa Dates Brands in India. But first, let us learn about Date Palm. 

Date or the date palm is a flowering plant species popular for its sweet fruit. Growing from a single root system, the date trees grow either separately or crowd together with numerous stems reaching a height of about 20 meters. The date fruits are oval-cylindrical in shape and depending upon the variety, the colour may vary from a pastel yellow to deep brown.

Date fruits hold a considerable amount of essential nutrients and are richly filled with dietary potassium. About 80 % of ripe dates contain sugar whereas the remaining 20 % consist of protein, fiber, and residue elements like cobalt, boron, copper, fluorine, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc. The caffeic acid glucoside and its isomers are enzyme browning substrates found in dates.

Eaten at an overwhelming rate, dates may either be pitted and stuffed with fillings like almonds, walnuts, lemon peel or chopped to be used in sweet and piquant dishes. They are suitable for many recipe ideas as well. You can add them to your smoothies, desserts, trail mixes, granola’s or for a sugar-free experience, use them as a substitute for sugar in recipes!

Date palms demand well-drained, deep sandy loam soil with a pH of 8-11. The soil should preserve the moisture pertinently and the absence of calcium carbonate in the soil will duly encourage excellent yield. The date palm can take roughly over 4 to 8 years after planting before they actually start to bear fruit. They produce significant yields for commercial harvest between 7 to 10 years.

Dates have a distinctive agricultural past in the Middle East and have been cultivated over there for thousands of years. The total annual production of dates amounts to 8.5 million metric tons and the nations of the Middle East and North Africa are its largest producers.

In Saudi Arabia alone, there are more than 300 varieties of dates grown and they come with inimitable flavours and textures. Amongst them all, Ajwa dates are the finest in quality and value. The King of Dates and known as Holy date, Ajwa dates are a soft,  succulent and fruity date variety, black or brown in colour cultivated in the holy city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia. They have a huge scope in imparting health upturn and apart from being consumed as per the Islamic tradition, the luscious fruit is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

With its prices floating around ₹ 2000 a kg, Ajwa is the most expensive variant in the market not only because it’s the fruit of a typical arid land but also because it is of a high religious consequence among Muslims. 

Here is the list of the top 10 best Ajwa dates brands in India. 

1. Kashmir Online Store Original Ajwa Dates- 1kg

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Kashmir Online Store Ajwa Dates

Costing you ₹177 per 100 grams, the Kashmir Online Store Ajwa dates are purely organic without a trace of artificial colours or preservatives. A proud 5-star rating has been conferred by the Amazon team on this Ajwa brand. 

Having a high content of essential vitamins like Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Vitamins A and K, minerals like calcium, iron phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc, these dates have substantial health benefits.

These dates are selected with caution without any application of chemical washing. They come in clean packaging in an ECO Box container and are imported directly from Madina of Saudi Arabia and thus the natural nutrition is not lost.

The quality of dates is ensured by Kashmir Online Store with their customers hailing the taste and goodness of the product. Once you try this product of Kashmir Online Store , ajwa dates will become your health-promoting obsession.

2. Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi- 500g

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2. Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi- 500g

Here comes the second one on our list, Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi, known for their rich flavour and aroma. This ajwa date brand enjoys #30 in Dried Dates on Amazon with around 4.1 stars out of 5.

Packed with nature’s goodness, these dates come in with zero additives and preservatives. Loaded with all the essential nutrients, these dates are a source of freshness and quality. They are packed in an elegant box, with a tamper-proof break-tab design; food-grade, a reusable, freezer-safe container that comes in a non-industrial handmade gift bag.

Markstor believes in highly engaging and active customer service. So, these dates bear Markstor’s promising guarantee of replacement. For an acceptable and gratifying experience with Markstor dates, Markstor offers a replacement policy if any unpleasant issue occurred during the shipping of the product.

With genuine attention to quality, Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi passes through multiple checks of size, colour and grade to ensure that you can have the best experience of snacking on the holy date.

3. La Casa Premium Ajwa Al Madinah Dates- 400g

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La Casa Premium Ajwa Al Madinah Dates-

Sold at a price of ₹899 for the net weight of 0.4 kg, the La Casa dates occupy third place in this list. With over 500 ratings and at #57 on Amazon. This allergen-free, organic and vegetarian product is extra nutritious, pure and fresh with a delightful tenderness in each of its dates.

These dates are bite-sized making it easier for you to control how much to pack and gobble up. They are easy to store and when refrigerated in sealed vessels, stay fresh for a longer period of time without any taste or colour degradation. 

Rich in minerals and vitamins, these dates contain soluble fiber which draws water into the digestive tract and helps relieve constipation issues. A source of iron, these dates are a remedy for anaemia.

These are grown and packed at source in Madina and the authenticity of the Ajwa date is not interfered with at the time of import. 

4. Markstor Ajwa Prime, Blessed Fruit from Al Madina Al Munawwara- 1kg

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Markstor Ajwa Dates

In a pack of 4, Markstor Ajwa Prime costs ₹999. Given 4 out of 5 stars with #50 in Dried Dates on Amazon, the dates of this brand are unprocessed and original ajwa dates of Madinah. Fresh and juicy, these dates are a treasury of nutrition, free of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

The dates of this brand have a distinctive black colour and rich texture. Small to medium in size, they may potentially contain some specks of tree dust as there is no chemical wash or artificial preservation that these dates have received. The packing is particularly elegant which is Freezer-safe and Food-safe.

With more than 50 % 5 star ratings, the Markstor Ajwa Prime dates are of seemingly high quality. They taste amazing and are so soft that a single bite gets them melting on your tongue. So, if you want to snack on some of the finest ajwa dates, the Markstor Ajwa Prime is the accurate choice.

5. Arsh Ajwa Al-Madina Dates- 1kg, pack of 1

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Arsh Ajwa Al-Madina Dates

The price of this product is about ₹2000 for a kilo. With 4 star ratings and #56 on Amazon, these dates rule our list at number 5. Sold by Hag Corporation Prop and fulfilled by Amazon, these dates are great energy boosters as they contain natural sugar like glucose, sucrose and fructose. 

Without the use of any artificial flavours, these dates are a vegetarian product with low-fat content. They are rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins and have enormous health benefits.

The product is original and tastes refreshing with a soft texture that the dates simply melt in your mouth. They are hygienically packed and have one of the best Ajwa dates available in the market. 

Once you order these dates, you will fall in love as soon as you open the seal. They fit your taste by being neither too sweet nor too bland. We recommend that you try these dates once and see for yourself.

6. Al Qusai Ajwa dates- 500 g Tin Pack

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Al Qusai Ajwa Dates

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars and #68 in Dried Dates on Amazon, the Al Qusai ajwa dates are high in potassium, fibre; completely organic with no additives and preservatives.

The fresh, hand-picked Al Qusai dates are one of the best. Soft and fruity with a fine texture, these dates are naturally sourced from the farms of Saudi Arabia and they taste delicious. Apart from their sweet taste, these dates are high in polyphenols, fibre and potassium providing you with a fulfilling experience of good heart health. 

The ajwa dates of this particular brand bear a 5-star rating by over 54% of happy customers on Amazon. The customers have their say on the product by recommending it to all who want freshness and goodness of nature. These dates are soft as butter and dissolve in your mouth and are a must-buy for date lovers.

This product comes in a beautiful tin box and is sold at ₹240 per 100 g.

7. Lagom Gourmet Seedless Saudi Madina Ajwa dates- 500g

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Lagom Gourmet Seedless Saudi Madina Ajwa dates

At  #125 in dried dates on Amazon, this GMO-free, gluten-free ajwa brand contains no added sugar and preservatives. This vegan diet type, premium seedless ajwa product costs ₹825 for a 500 g package. 

With a shelf life of about 240 days, the tender, considerably sweet product is a handpicked item coming in a pet can with an impermeable seal. Lagom ensures that its product is well protected and fresh by thoroughly testing against the industry’s highest quality standards.

Lagom’s ajwa dates are a soft, semi-dried date variety identified by their characteristic black colour. They are mildly sweet and mushy, becoming a natural treat for everyone. These dates are directly sourced from the best orchards of Madina and after being imported into India, they are sorted and packed in an FSSAI Food Safety Standards meeting facility.

8. Highfields Ajwa Dates Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah- 400 g

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HIGHFIELDS Dates Al-Madinah Al_Munawwarah

With a #314 rank in Dried Dates, Highfield Ajwa dates come at the eighth place in our list. These dates make a great healthy snack for natural energy-boosting nutrition. Perfectly organic with no added sugar, these dates are handpicked from the fields of Madinah and preserved in a hygienic package facility meeting food safety standards.

The ajwa dates of this brand are impressively rich in healthy fats, fiber and protein, with essential vitamins and minerals. The contents are 100% natural. These dates bear the sweetness of candies with the benefits of multivitamins like Calcium, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Vitamins A, E and K, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc.

The product is manufactured by Highfields, sold by Kings Of Online and delivered by Amazon.

9. Spicy Carte Holy Ajwa Al Madina Dates- 1kg, pack of two

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Spicy carte Ajwa Dates

At #405 on Amazon, the Spicy Carte ajwa dates are luscious and pulpy with a soft texture. They are 100% original ajwa dates of Madina coming in a cleaned and hygienic package to ensure that the natural nutrition of the item sustains while shipping and importing.

The dates have glossy and unbruised skin given to you by Spicy Carte with utmost care. Normally ajwa dates are expensive but this brand offers you high-quality ajwa dates at an affordable price. 

These dates are gluten-free, FSSAI certified, highly nutritious with rich taste and aroma. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you won’t regret this choice of Spicy Carte Ajwa dates.

The item is sold by Spicy Cart which is a registered brand of Sahana Spices exclusively for Spices, Nuts and Dryfruits. Sahana spices is women-owned entrepreneurship striving to be your online source for rich and exotic ingredients for cooking and baking. 

10. Flyberry Gourmet Ajwa Dates- 400 g

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Flyberry Ajwa Dates

The Flyberry Gourmet Ajwa dates rank #105 in Dried Dates on Amazon. The high-quality dates are a result of the careful labour of those concerned about its harvest and packaging. 

This healthy snack high in soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals; is chewy and bite-sized. They are easy to store and when refrigerated in airtight containers, stay fresh for months together. The Flyberry ajwa dates contain many flavonoid glycosides which have antioxidant properties to help boost and strengthen your immunity.  These dates encourage easy digestion. 

Customers all over the world recommend these dates to you since they have tried their rich authentic flavour. They say that the ajwa dates of Flyberry have no added sugar and are not sticky. You will never forget the delight once you have your order.


What are the health benefits of Ajwa?

As a rich source of magnesium and vitamin B, regular intake of ajwa strengthens your heart by maintaining its rhythm and removing harmful levels of homocysteine in the blood. Not just that, this variety of dates has an efficient amount of calcium and phosphorus which are helpful in keeping the bones and teeth in sound health. Ajwa dates are also a rich source of antioxidants. Selenium in them may as well be able to prevent deadly diseases like cancer. The intake of Ajwa dates during pregnancy activates womb muscles and helps in easy womb movement at the time of delivery.

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Should I avoid ajwa dates because I am diabetic?

There are huge amounts of natural sugars present in dates that help boost energy levels. Ajwa dates are particularly harmless for diabetic patients because they have a low glycemic index, which will not result in a considerable increase in blood sugar.

How many Ajwa dates should I eat a day?

Intake of 2-3 dates on a regular basis early in the morning or in between the meals is fine.

What are the benefits of Ajwa date seed powder and how do I include it in my diet?

Ajwa seed powder is sufficiently good to lower the total cholesterol (TC), low-density lipoprotein LDL and triglyceride TG levels and raise high-density lipoprotein HDL levels and exhibit good tolerability in humans.

Take out seeds from Ajwa dates and put them in water for 15 days. After 15 days, they must be soft. Let them dry for about 10 minutes. Then, put these seeds in a grinder. After you get a smooth brownish powder, your ajwa paste is ready.  Take out the powder and keep it in an airtight jar. Take one teaspoon daily in the morning.

How to store your Ajwa dates?

If you plan to consume your dates in a week, storing them in an airtight container is appropriate. However, you can refrigerate them in an airtight vessel for over a year.


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