Top 10 Honey Brands in India To Add Sweetness To Your Life

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This article is about the Top 10 Best Honey Brands in India. But first, let us learn something about Honey. The world is obsessed with honey right now. Not only is it the most versatile of all-natural sweeteners, but it’s also a product that’s rich in nutrients and has many medicinal properties. 

In India, consumers are now much more aware of different types of honey, their benefits and their usage. For example, the demand for raw honey has grown tremendously over the past few years. According to market research firm Technavio, India is one of the top 10 markets for honey in the world.


Many brands have launched new products with unique flavours, and manufacturers continue to innovate and produce new types of honey from unexpected sources, such as mangoes and mustard flowers.


There are so many brands out there that sell this golden syrup, but which ones are worth your money? To help you make an obsessed with honey when choosing which brand to buy next time you visit a supermarket or store selling groceries online.

Here are The Top 10 Honey Brands in India:

1.Dabur Honey

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Dabur Honey

Dabur is one of the oldest firms in India that has been producing honey for over 80 years now. It is the pioneer of liquid honey and currently sells various types of honey sourced from different parts of the country. 


Dabur’s honey is made from the nectar of flowers and herbs grown in the Western Ghats, Central Indian Highlands, and Southern Indian Coastal Plains. 

Dabur’s honey is available in a large jar with a spoon, so it’s easy to serve and consume. The brand offers a wide range of flavours and types of honey, including blueberry, raspberry, wildflowers, and many more. Dabur is an excellent brand, but it is a bit pricier than other brands.


Dabur honey is known for its various health benefits. It is an excellent source of energy, has anti-bacterial properties and can be used to heal wounds and soothe allergies. It is a rich source of iron and calcium. Honey is easy to digest and an excellent remedy for sleep issues. It improves metabolism and the overall health of your skin. All these benefits come from the fact that honey is unprocessed and natural.

2. Kashmir Online Store

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Kashmir Online Store

This well-known online store sells various types of honey sourced from the Himalayan region, where the climate is perfect for growing wildflowers. Kashmir online store honey is one of the best honey brands in the world and a favourite of many Indians. 

It is pure honey with no additives or preservatives and is very thick, dense, and tasty. This is the brand to go for if you like to put honey on your toast or in your hot tea. 


Kashmir Online Store’s honey comes in a large glass bottle, so it’s great if you have a large family or want to share it with your friends. This brand is also reasonably priced so that it won’t hurt your wallet. Maintain your health and beauty by consuming high-quality honey that is an excellent source of nutrition. There are plenty of health benefits associated with honey, as well as being a superb choice because it is natural and pure.


Purchase pure honey online from Kashmir Online Store with fast delivery throughout India. It is a natural sweetener that provides numerous health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps keep blood sugar levels in check, and can be used as a natural defence mechanism against illness.

3. Sri Sri Tattava Honey

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Sri Sri Tattava Honey

Sri Sri Honey is made from pure honey that is harvested from the last remaining wild honeybee colonies. This honey is hand-picked and produced with methods that ensure no chemicals or antibiotics are used in the process. With its delicious flavor and smooth texture, this honey is perfect for spreading on toast, drizzling over desserts, and adding to your favourite tea or coffee. 


It can be utilized as a natural sweetener in recipes and other sweet items.Sri Sri Tattva Honey also contains no artificial additives or preservatives. It is also vegan-friendly and does not contain any animal products. People who follow a vegan diet or are lactose intolerant can benefit from this product. These benefits make Sri Sri Tattva Honey an excellent addition to your diet.



Patanjali honey, produced from the nectar of flowers and trees, is a sweet aliment. Patanjali has been producing honey for nearly a decade. Although it’s a natural item, it contains important nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can gain numerous health benefits from eating Patanjali honey, including weight loss. 


It also has anti-inflammatory properties and may alleviate allergies such as hay fever. Antibiotics and honey are both contained in nature and may be used to fight disease.

It can be used topically to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Honey is a natural sweetener with minimal calories, and it can help to reduce the risk of  Type 2 diabetes.

This honey has excellent anti-septic properties, which promote speedy healing of wounds. It also purifies blood cholesterol and promotes good health. This honey has high antioxidant properties, so it helps in the fight against cancer, cardiovascular and immune system diseases.


One of the best pure honey available today is Patanjali Pure honey. It is packed with nutrients and health benefits since it is raw, pure, and unpasteurized. It is also GMO-free, which makes it safe for everyone to consume.

In terms of quality, Patanjali’s honey is fully organic, unprocessed and raw, with no additives or preservatives. This brand is great if you’re on a budget and want to buy affordable and pure honey that is also free from any artificial flavours or colours.

5.Zandu Pure Honey

Zandu Pure Honey ​

Zandu Pure Honey is being manufactured from the purest form of honey available in the Indian Market. It is processed at a temperature that does not alter the natural properties of honey, keeping it completely pure. Zandu Ayurveda, from the house of Emami Limited, manufactures this honey and has been in existence for over 40 years.


This brand has been trusted by millions of Indians for generations and is one of the most popular Ayurvedic brands in India. Zandu Pure Honey has several health benefits and can be taken daily for a variety of health issues. This honey is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and makes it smooth and supple. 


Zandu Pure Honey is helpful in boosting the Immune System and offers relief from allergies. It has a positive impact on Digestive Health and can be taken to reduce symptoms of Acid Reflux. It is extremely beneficial for your cardiovascular health as well. Zandu Pure Honey can be taken daily to increase energy and concentration.

It helps you to relax and fall asleep easily by regulating your blood sugar levels. It is also beneficial for your Immune System, lowering the risk of allergies in children. Zandu Pure Honey is natural, unadulterated honey sourced from forests, highlands, and valleys across India.

6. Saffola Honey

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Saffola Honey

Every drop of Saffola Honey is pure and has a unique flavour! Saffola Honey is pure, unadulterated honey from the finest Indian beekeepers. With no added sugar, Saffola Honey is processed using the most advanced NMR Test (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) in one of the best-in-class German laboratories to ensure that it is pure, free from any form of adulteration and with no added sugar.


Saffola Honey is graded and packed in hygienic conditions to ensure that only the very best makes it to the store shelves. Honey has amazing health benefits, but it must be pure to deliver these benefits. Honey is a natural product and, as such, has small variations in colour, flavour, and density. This variation in no way affects its quality, and it is all a matter of personal preference.


It is then filled in airtight jars and sealed to retain its freshness and flavour. Once the honey is packed, it is put in -20 degree Celsius cold storage to preserve its freshness and quality for up to 18 months.Saffola Honey undergoes multiple filtration stages to remove any impurities, which makes it safe for consumption.


 Honey is a naturally acidic food, which makes it easy for bacteria to grow and makes it unsafe for consumption. By going through multiple filtration stages, we make it alkaline, which makes it difficult for bacteria to grow, and hence makes it safe for consumption.

7. Iremia Honey

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Iremia Honey

Iremia Ginger Honey is an all-natural remedy for dry and itchy throat. Made with a blend of organic honey and ginger extracts, Iremia Honey soothes the throat while it’s rich in nutrition and easily digestible. Ideal for use in children and adults, Iremia Ginger Honey is a natural cough suppressant that can be taken anytime day or night.


The absolute pleasure of Iremia honey is especially beneficial for pregnant females struggling with morning sickness. Iremia honey is pure honey that does not contain any additives or artificial nutrients. Iremia honey is produced from endemic flowers found in Iremia’s remote mountain regions.


Honey produced from this plant’s pollen is a particularly rich source of potassium and iron, in addition to other honey varieties. You may boost your metabolism and ensure that you are getting enough iron by taking iron-rich honey.

8.Kalon Honey

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Kalon Honey

Kalon Honey is the finest quality honey available in the market. It’s produced by bees that feed on nectar from kalon trees, a rare tree that grows in the Himalayan region. These bees create uniquely rich honey that’s high in antioxidants and nutrients. Kalon Honey is also certified organic, which means it’s been produced without pesticides or other chemicals. This makes it a great option for people looking for an all-natural sweetener. 


Kalon Honey is known to have many health benefits, including strengthening immunity and improving digestion.It can also help relieve coughs and colds.You can use Kalon Honey in tea or smoothies to get the most out of its healing properties. It’s also delicious on toast or in desserts and makes a great option for people with allergies. Since it’s imported, it’s also very expensive. However, it’s well worth the price for its healing properties.


It also helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face. The antioxidant properties in honey help to fight the signs of ageing. It also helps to lighten scars and blemishes on your face to give it a smooth and glowing look. You can use it daily on your face or mix it with your regular skincare cream for better results.

9.Markfed Sohna Honey

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Markfed Sohna Honey

Markfed Sohna Honey is 100% pure honey that is absolutely pure. These jars of honey were tested for purity by CSE India and received a passing grade. It is a great source of antioxidants and minerals, which may boost your immune system. It has an excellent effect on weight reduction if consumed with hot water in the morning.


It is a great source of iron, which is instrumental in blood production. Calcium assists in maintaining healthy bones and teeth.It also offers calcium, which is vital for healthy bones and teeth. Honey offers instant and sustained energy because of the carbohydrates it consists of. 

It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal substance, which may help reduce the possibility of certain illnesses.It also has a combination of both fast and slow carbohydrates, which promotes a balanced release of energy for long-lasting benefits.




10.Hamdard Natural Blossom Honey

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Hamdard Natural Blossom Honey

Every jar of Hamdard Natural Blossom Honey is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, ensuring that you receive the purest honey possible. Every spoonful of this honey is guaranteed to be pure and free of additives. This honey is known to provide the following health benefits: it promotes immunity, improves digestion, and improves cough symptoms.


Hamdard Natural Blossom Honey is a 100% natural and unadulterated honey that is rich in nutrients and is known to be beneficial in the treatment of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. It also helps reduce the need for antibiotics in children, treats dry skin, and improves overall health. Hamdard Natural Blossom Honey is a product that you can trust, as it is certified by the European Union and meets all the standards.


Which brand of honey is 100% pure in India?

Kashmir online store’s honey bottle is said to be 100% natural. This bottle can be used to drip, stir, squeeze, and spread honey, in addition to being consumed as is or mixed with lime water for a morning detox drink.

What are the benefits of honey?

Honey is unprocessed and natural. It offers a number of advantages, including improved metabolism and skin health. It is also very easy to digest. Sleep problems can be remedied with honey.

What are the uses of honey?

Honey has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a variety of conditions, including allergies, coughs, and sore throats. It can be added to tea or used to sweeten yoghurt, oatmeal, or baked goods.

What is the role of honey in medicine?

Honey has several medical applications, including boosting immunity, enhancing serotonin and antioxidant levels, and lowering stress and anxiety.

How much honey should I consume each day?

The daily consumption of honey is limited to (36)grams for men and (24)grams for women and children.


Consumers everywhere are eager to purchase honey at this time. In addition to being a nutritious, all-natural sweetener, it has a lot of health benefits and is broadly utilized. Consumers in India are now more conscious of honey quality. Hopefully, the above list will assist you in selecting the finest honey supplier.

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