Top 15 Best Dry-Fruit Brands in India 2023

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This Article is an Informative one narrating the Top 15 Best Dry-Fruit Brands in India 2021.

Not only Have we listed the top 15 Best Dry-Fruit brands in India 2021, but also we bring to you their specialties.   

1. kashmir online store

best dry fruits company in india

 Kashmir Online Store sells different Dry Fruits each of those having several varieties. Almonds, Walnuts, Pistas, Figs, Dates, Mixed Dry Fruits, Apricots, Munnaka, Cranberry, Raisins, Pine Nuts, Cashews, and dry berries. Kashmir Based Store, switched online recently, managed to make its name high among its competitors. Almonds by Kashmir Online Store are Kashmiri Almond Kernels, Californian Almonds, Imported Afghani Mamra, Imported Iranian Mamra, Kashmiri Mamra Giri, Kagzi Kashmiri Almonds. Hard Shell Kashmiri Almonds.  Kashmir Online Store is one of the few brands to sell Kishori Pistas. Moreover, Kashmir Online Store imports the best quality Iranian Pista-Salted. Nevertheless, you can get plain pista from them as well.This Brand sells dry fruit mixture in a very unique manner. Mixed Dry Fruits with honey, Without Honey, Mixed  Dry Fruits in powdered form are very much accepted in the market. Also, this brand sells Sultanas, Munakkas, Kishmish, Anjeer, Ladakhi Apricots- in red, white and yellow varieties. Yellow Varieties are seedless and well-liked. These are most sent as a gift pack. Kashmir Online Store brand sells Pine nuts, Dried Cranberry, Cashews- salted/ roasted/peri-peri cashews, dried papaya cubes, dry mango slices, dry kiwi slices, dry pineapple slices,  dried cherry, dried blueberry, dried black plum, dried Roseberry plum and dried strawberry.

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2. Solimo Dry Fruits

best dry fruits company in india

Solimo is one of the best Amazon sellers. Their whole almonds are exquisite in taste and delightful to eat. Solimo premium almonds come in the packaging of 250g, 500g, 1 kg. Moreover, you can purchase combo packs as well. Solimo is a UP based brand importing nuts from Mumbai. 

Other Dry Fruits sold by Solimo are Cashews, Pistachios, Raisins and Macadamia nuts. 

Solimo Brand is one of the few brands to sell Macadamia nuts online. Macadamia nuts come in a packing of 250 gram. Mostly these nuts are gifted during festivities and are a bit costly as they are grown in south India only. 


3. Happilo Dry Fruits


Happilo is highly accepted among the masses. They have a good collection of dry fruits and exceptionally welcomed combo packs. 

Happilo international nut mix is a wholesome combination of almonds, cashews, dried cranberries, black raisins, raisins, pistachios, walnuts etc. This pack is available in a size of 200g. 

Happilo international nutty trail mix is a combination of dried fruits like dried kiwi, dried mango, dried papaya, cranberries, raisins, almonds, and cashews.  

Furthermore, there are nuts and berries, supermix berries, Salted Party mix. Additionally, individual dried fruits are available. Packages of 200g of dried Afghani Anjeer are available. 

Happilo sells Turkish Apricots in packs of 200 grams and Afghani Seedless Black Raisins in packs of 250 grams, as well as Imported Californian Almonds in variable-sized packages of 35 grams, 200 grams, and 400 grams.

Cashew nuts are sold in 200g packs. Additionally, they offer California Pistachios that are roasted and salted.  

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4. Nutraj Dry Fruits

best dry fruit brand online

Nutraj is one of the oldest and most trusted brands of dry fruits, offering a wide range of snack foods. There are different sizes and types of packages available from Nutraj. Plastic wrapper or Tetra pack packaging for 1kg and 500g packs are available. A vacuum pack of dried figs is available from Nutraj Signature. The California Pistachios are also available salted and roasted. Nutraj is well known and widely accepted for selling raisins, cashews, walnuts in shell, in the Indian subcontinent.  

The dried Greek Black Currant from Nutraj, the dried American Cranberries, the dried Super Raisins, the dried Afghani munakka known as abgosh are among the unique products offered by Nutraj. 

5. Tulsi Dry Fruits

best dry fruit brand online

Tulsi is one of the most trusted dry fruit brands in India. Tulsi Brand sells California Almonds of Premium quality imported from the USA. The Dry Fruits are available in the packaging of 500g, 1Kg. Almonds come in many varieties like raw California Almonds, Lightly Salted Almonds, Roasted Almonds.

This brand Sells high-quality walnut kernels as well. Walnuts are sold in the sizes of 200g, sold in a pack of one or more. The walnuts are categorised as Select, Super, Extra Select- California Walnuts.     

Then there are tulsi anjeer, tulsi Indian kishmish, and Tusli whole cashews. Cashews come under another variety of split kernels.   

The company sells Gurbandi Badam Giri, also known as Shahi Badam and Choti Giri as well. This variety is imported Afghani badam. 

Apart from these tulsi dry fruits are known for their mixed Dry fruits pack as well. 

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6. Vedaka Dry Fruits

dry fruits brands in india

Another popular dry fruits brand is vedaka. Highly in demand for its Sultana Raisins- Vedaka brand makes those available in a pack size of 1KG.  Vedaka Popular whole almonds are available in packs of 200g and 500g and have a rating of 4 stars among 5-this means these are high in demand.  

Vedakas phool makhana or fox nuts are their speciality. One of the few brands to sell Fox Nuts. Vedaka Brand sells whole Cashews in a pack size of 200g. Vedaka sells dried dates, dried sunflower seeds, inshell walnuts- which are again highly demanded. 

Moreover, vedaka sells cranberries-dried and candied, and prunes.   

7. ANCY Dry Fruits

dry fruits brands in india

Ancy Dried fruits is a registered brand from pitampura delhi, well known for its dried figs. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that apart from dry fruits they sell pulses as well. 

Ancy Brand is known for its afghani Dried Jumbo Figs. Furthermore, it sells Chaura dried dates that make it one of the few brands to sell this variety of date online. 

Ancy sells California Badam Giri as well. Big sized Cashews; split, Long and sweet Indian Raisins, Munakka, Kashmiri Walnuts giri and in-shell walnuts, Pistachios, Lal Sukha Khajoor, And dried Cherries are its other products. 

One of the Uniqueness of Ancy brands is the way it names its products. Jardalu Khumani sold by Ancy is nothing but dried yellow apricots. The way Ancy names its products makes it easier for the masses to understand the product in the local language. Likewise, California Inshell walnuts are known as sabut akhrot. 

Vedakas phool makhana or fox nuts are their speciality. One of the few brands to sell Fox Nuts. Vedaka Brand sells whole Cashews in a pack size of 200g. Vedaka sells dried dates, dried sunflower seeds, inshell walnuts- which are again highly demanded. 

Moreover, vedaka sells cranberries-dried and candied, and prunes.

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8. Urban Platter Dry Fruits

top 10 dry fruits brands in world

Urban Platter is a very well accepted brand that made its place among the other leading names quite shortly. With its beautiful and healthy packaging, it attracts customers well. 

Urban Platter is the registered brand name of Istore Direct Trading Private Limited, a Mumbai Based Company. 

The Uniqueness of the company lies in the fact that the brand is completely of the modern era, yet it balances its products with traditions. Chironji known as Calumpang Nuts is found by this store on amazon. This nut is local to India and highly used in northwestern areas. Other than this the brand’s speciality is macadamia nuts and powdered cranberry, goji berries, dried date powder, Kokum rinds, and seed mix.  

Moreover, Urban platter sells Omani date syrup which is a must-try product. Other than these this brand sells unroasted makhana/ fox nuts, chia seeds, Californian prunes etc.

9. Carnival Dry Fruits

top 10 dry fruits brands in world

Candor Foods Pvt Ltd owns the brand Carnival. This is a Mumbai based brand with food technologists by their side.  The speciality of Carnival Brand is its bucket packing, for dried cranberries and blueberries. It is a perfect present to be gifted to someone. 

Carnival Candor Foods imports their Almonds from the USA in a vacuum box package. Walnut kernels are imported from the states as well. 

Apart from these products Afghani Raisins, green in colour, Long in shape are available with them as well. Furthermore, you can enjoy Indian Cashews, Turkish Apricots, pitted prunes, Anjeer, Pistachios,  and Imported SaFawi Dates By Carnival as well.

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10. Tulunadu Dry Fruits

best dry fruits brand on amazon

Tulunadu is a well-accepted brand in South India. Karnataka based brand named after the place it belongs to. Tulunadu Flavours sells Dry Fruits, Spices and Condiments. the speciality of this brand is that they sell all kinds of berries, yellow apricots, Almonds, Walnuts, Black raisins, Golden Raisins, Anjeer, Pistachios, Anjeer, Imported Apricots from turkey, afghani black raisins, etc.

11. Sainik Dry Fruits

best dry fruits brand on amazon

Sainik Dry Fruit Mall has a good rating among people. 

Turkish seedless apricots, Afghani Seedless black raisins, Californian Badam Giri, Irani Kimia Dates – these are the products Sainik dry fruit mall imports from other countries. Sainik keeps products from its nation as well, keeping it traditional to its roots. Aaloo Bukhara, Cashews, Kala Sukha Khajoor, Peela sukha khajoor, big sized munakka raisins are sainiks speciality. 

Furthermore, Sainik sells dehydrated kiwi and pineapple along with kokum.

12. Super Healthy Dry Fruits

best dry fruits brand in india?

This is one of Amazon’s Choice Brands. Super healthy has a very unique packaging and an awesome combination and collection of dried fruits.

Berries Mix, Trail Mix, Super Seeds mix, Salted  Nuts Mix, Roasted Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds, Seeds and berries mix, pregnancy mix are some of the superb collections from super healthy. Taste-wise and Quality-wise, the product is dominant among people.

Peri-peri cashews and masala cashews by Super healthy are must-try snacks.  

13. GreenFinity's Dry Fruits


Another Amazon’s Choice Brand. Greenfinity is known for its vacuum packing and food quality. Combo Packs by GreenFinity are just amazing. Roasted Peanuts, Green Raisins, California Almonds, Afghan Figs, Amla Candy, Black Raisins, Roasted Pistas, Kalonji are just worth a shot. 

Lebanon Pine Nuts are a speciality of GreenFinity Dry Fruits as this is one of the only brands to import Pine Nuts from Lebanon.  

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14. Wonderland Foods Dry Fruits

best dry fruits brand in india?

Wonderland Foods is an established name for Sun Organic Industries – a New Delhi based company. 

This brand name is again a new name among the vast dry fruit market expanded throughout the subcontinent of India. 

One of the specialities of Of Wonderland foods is its roasted makhana peri-peri fox nuts. Other Specialities: Mixture of dry fruits, nuts and berries, roasted pumpkin seeds and flax seeds, Salt and Pepper Cashews, Raw Cashews. Wonderland foods furthermore are known for their walnuts, Raisins, Prunes, Turkish Apricots.  

15. SFT Dry Fruits

best dry fruit brand online

  SFT is one of the best brands for dry fruits. Up based Trade unit excels in providing the best of the dried apricot both with and without seeds. It is also known for its Pumpkin seeds.

Some of the products by SFT foods are Dry Yellow Dates, Roasted and Salted Pistachios, Imported Long Green Afghani Raisins, Mix Nuts, Imported California Almonds, Whole Cashew nuts, Golden Raisins, Jumbo Anjeer, Dried Amla, Shelled Pine Nuts etc.  

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