Top 10 Best Kashmiri Almond Brands in India 2024

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However old the history may be, A concern for human health has always existed. Everyone cares about their wellbeing, whether they are rich or poor. It is through the fitness of the body that soundness of the mind is attained. Fitness requires physical exercise, and smart thinking follows it.

As there are many ways in which we are able to keep our bodies fit, such as exercising or performing tasks requiring physical labor, a healthy diet is needed to support these activities.

When I say a healthy diet, I don’t mean eating everything that you pass by. Especially, the type of fast food that is around nowadays is sufficient to make us sick, and not healthy.

So the main question is; what food to consume for attaining better health?

One of the answers lies here, in this article: Almonds.

Almonds are the seeds of a plant scientifically known as Prunus Dulcis. This plant was native to Iran until the trade relations between nations developed and agriculture spread.

Now the almonds available today are more than just the Native Iranian almonds. With the increase in trade relations between Central-Asia and Kashmir, Kashmir got its own variety of Almonds. Later,  evolution resulted in other more varieties. So now at this point of the time, we have:’

  1. Iranian Mamra Almonds
  2. Kashmiri Mamra Almonds’
  3. California Almonds
  4. Afghani Mamra Almonds

Those are very much demanded in the markets.

Other than these:

Moheb and Sangi are Irani Almond Varieties.
Gurbandi, Kagzi are Indian almonds.
There are many varieties of Californian Almonds. NonPareil, Carmel, Butte, Padre, Mission, Price, Peerless, Monterey, and Fritz.
Afghani Almond varieties are Kagzi and Sangi.

However, drawing the boundaries of our article only to Indian Almonds, we need to differentiate between the different almond varieties.

Best Kashmiri Almond Brands in India

Mamra Almonds are of higher quality than all of the rest varieties. It has more nutrition to provide and higher oil content. Mamra is smaller in size and sweeter in taste. Also, the shape isn’t almond-like even. Mamra almonds have a concave shape with a kind of a pit in the mid. 

Mamra Almonds are cultivated organically, without the use of any chemicals it is grown. No preservatives are used for keeping purposes. Thus, we can claim this almond variety is pure. 

Mamra Almonds aren’t that harder to break but those aren’t that easier to break either. So we can say the shell is intermediately hard.   

On the other hand, Kagzi Almonds are known as soft-shelled Almonds. This variety of almonds is easier to break even with the hand. The shell is whiter in colour and the seeds can be a bit bitter. This variety of almonds may be small yet a bit long in shape. The seed is darker in colour.   

These are the only two varieties of almonds that can be known as the Kashmiri Almonds. But nevertheless, there is the other type of Almond that are present in the Indian Markets in general and those are known as Gurbandi Badam. Gurbandi or Gurbani almonds are broader, medium in size almonds. The colour of the kernel is somewhat light brown. Gurbani Almonds are organic just like Mamra almonds. Gurbani almonds are moderately sweet in taste. They aren’t that pricey either. 

Now focusing on the actual topic of this article, we will cut the chase to know about the Top 10 best Kashmiri Almond brands in India-2023. 


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Kashmir Online Store Best Kashmiri Almond Brand
Kashmir Online Store

Kashmir Online Store is a Jammu and Kashmir Based store situated in the pampore town of south Kashmir. Having their ancestral roots in this occupation, Kashmir Online Store has turned online in 2014. However, the store is available on Amazon and Flipkart now as well, which has made their brand quite popular. Given the quality of the dry fruits Kashmir Online Store provides, this brand has made its place among the masses very shortly. All Kashmir Online Store Products are FSSAI approved. 

Kashmir Online Store Sells three varieties of Kashmiri Almonds. Kashmiri Mamra Giri, Kashmiri Kagzi Almonds, Kashmiri Almonds Kernels.

You can purchase these products from their store directly or you can make the purchase from Amazon or Flipkart. 

If you happen to be in Kashmir you can pay a visit to their store at pampore.   

2. Kashmir Exotics

Kashmir Exotics Best Kashmiri Almond Brands
Kashmir Exotics

Kashmir Exotics is a Srinagar based dry fruits store situated at Ishber Nishat. The brand has products available on Seniority, Pay Tm Mall, 1 mg, Amazon, and Flipkart as well.

Kashmir Exotics is a recent brand that has been well adjusted among the other names.  

The almond varieties available at Kashmir Exotics are Pure Kashmiri Mamra and Kashmir Kagzi almonds.   


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3. Vale Of Kashmir

almonds benefits
Vale of Kashmir

This brand is very much likeable on shopping stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall, and seniority. Vale of Kashmir is an active amazon seller. It sells its Almonds in Plastic boxes. The advantage of this plastic packaging is that the almond kernels remain fresh in air-tight packaging and the box can be reused for storage purposes. The box is lock-based. 

This brand has two types of Almonds in its store:

Kashmiri Mamra Full nut unbroken, Kashmiri Mamra Broken.

4. Valleys Premium Kashmiri Almond

organic almonds online
Valleys Premium Almonds

5. Garden Of Saints

kashmiri mamra badam 1kg price
Garden Of Saints

Garden Of Saints is a brand of local farmers and the cultivators of these nuts in the remote villages of Kashmir. Their almonds are locally sourced Kashmiri Mamra fresh and can be consumed directly. 

This brand is highly rated on amazon and thus very much accepted. Products by this brand come in a zip-lock plastic pack. The packaging is airtight to keep the nuts fresh for a longer time. 

Garden of saints have just one variety of Almonds with them and that is Kashmiri Mamra. Though this product is available in many sizes.  

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6. Laughing Fruits Classic Natural King Kashmiri Almonds

kashmiri almonds with shell
Laughing Fruits King Kashmiri Almonds

Laughing Fruits is a Delhi based company from ROSIKU dealing with different varieties of Nuts. Laughing Fruits have dealers in Kashmir that supply Dry fruits to them. The Brand is less than a year old, yet it has become a popular name in the markets of Dry Fruits. Laughing Fruits sell organic Almonds from Kashmir Valley in Zip locked plastic packs. 

The nuts are whole with dark- brownish hue. 

Laughing Kashmir Sells King Kashmir Almonds and Mamra Almonds.   

7. Shara’s Dry Fruits Kashmiri Almonds

mamra almonds
Shara's Kashmiri Almonds

Sharas is a Rajhastani Dry Fruit brand selling all kinds of dry fruit products. Their exotic dry fruit collection is huge and of supreme quality. Shara’s Dry Fruits come in plastic bag packaging with a Zip lock. The packaging is airtight and the nuts are fresh.  

Kashmiri Almonds by Shara’s are Mamra. The product is available in the size of 500g and 1 Kg. 

No fertilizers, preservatives, Pesticides and chemicals are used in Dry Fruits By Shara. 

8. Baba Reshi Kashmiri Mamra

Baba Reshi is again a local Kashmiri Almond store. This store sells soft shell almonds that are easier to break. Baba Reshi Almonds are dark in color and packed in a polythene bag. Nuts are small in size and the pack size is 1000 grams.  

The baba reshi brand is available on Flipkart, Amazon, and maazi order. 

9. Alif Kashmiri Kagzi Almonds

kashmiri almonds vs california almonds
Baba Reshi Mamra Almonds

Alif Kashmiri Almonds available on Amazon, Flipkart, Seniority, Hamiast, Paytm Mall, Qtrove and IndiaMart. Alif Kashmiri Almonds are light brown in color, premium quality badam with sweet milkish taste. The packing is a zip lock plastic bag, airtight keeping the products fresh for a longer time. 

The manufacturer Hamiast has the brand name  Alif. The company is completely Kashmir Based and have their own gardens to grow all these nuts and saffron. 

types of kashmiri almonds
Alif Kashmiri Kagzi Almonds

10. Zayb Kashmiri Mamra Almonds

kashmiri mamra badam 1kg price
Zayb Kashmiri Mamra Almonds

Zayb though an Indian brand, yet it is spread to many parts of Asia. Not only Asia but Zayb has its branches spread to the UK and US as well.   Zayb sells its products untouched by humans, free of preservatives, in 100% natural form. 

Zayb does their business through their own website. Apart from that they are available on  Amazon as well as Flipkart. Nevertheless, they sell their Products on Facebook as well. 

Zayb Sells Kashmiri Mamra Badam Giri; a high quality Kashmiri Almonds available in different packings.  The Almonds are packed in a carton box that has a plastic bag inside. Inside that plastic bag are Kashmiri Mamra Almonds vacuum Packed, all air out.  This is the best of the packaging we can see. 


1. Why Mamra Badam is Expensive?

Mamra Badam makes a total of 3-4% of total Almond Production. While the rest of the World’s produced Almonds is of Californian variety

Mamra is grown in only three places in the world, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Iran. Each of these differ in oil Content. And In Fact Mamra Almonds have a much more oil content than that of Californian Almonds and are nutritionally more beneficial as well. 

Thus making them a bit costlier than the Californian Almonds.

2. How to Identify Mamra Badam from the rest varities?

Mamra are concave shaped Almonds, appearing as if they have a pit in the mid. Mamra have a darker texture and with more oil content than the rest of the varieties. 

Price of Mamra is high as they are grown only in three places of the world. 

3. Which Mamra is the best?

According to me Kashmiri Mamra is the best.

There are multiple reasons for my opinion. Firstly, It belongs to our nation. So benefit to Kashmiri Mamra growers is a benefit to the economy of our nation. 

Secondly, Kashmiri Mamra though smaller in size than Iranian Mamra, but it provides more nutrition. Kashmiri Mamra are more sweeter and have a better texture as well.

4. What is Kagzi Badam?

Kagzi Badam are paper Shell Almonds easily breakable even with hands.  

Kagzi Badam are dark brown in color and a bit bigger than Mamra. 

5. Are there people who should not eat Almonds?

People having difficulty in swallowing should not eat Almonds. 

There are the risks of choking in those people.

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