Top 10 Best Walnut Brands in India 2024

Best Walnut Types In India 2024

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In this Article We will learn about the top 10 best walnut brands in India 2024. But First Let us know the description of what walnuts are and the best types of walnuts in India.   

An edible walnut comes from any tree belonging to the genus Juglans (family Juglandaceae). A particular type of walnut is the Persian or English walnut, Juglans regia. Nuts are botanically referred to as nuts, but walnuts are edible seeds derived from drupes. Nuts are common ingredients in its preparation. During full ripening, after the edible grain has been removed from the shell, it is used as a garnish or snack. Black walnuts(Juglans nigra) and butternuts(Juglans cinerea) have fewer nuts consumed than the eastern black walnuts.

It is incredibly diverse, there are so many kinds of walnuts.

Following are some top walnuts


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The walnut tree variety reported here is self-fertile and produces delicious, high-quality nuts. Mostly cultivated in Himachal Pradesh, Wilson walnuts are called Indian walnuts.

Wilson Walnuts Top 10 Best Walnut Brands in India
Wilson Walnuts

The Kashmir Budded

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The Kashmiri walnut is famous worldwide for its superb quality and mild flavor, as well as its slightly tan-colored kernels. Her production is mainly concentrated in Himachal Pradesh.


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Placentia Walnuts

Quite thin, yet hard, and well-sealed, these medium-sized, smooth-textured nuts have a hard shell. The kernels are smooth and tan and have a mild flavor.

Eureka Walnuts

Eureka Walnuts Best Walnuts in India
Eureka Walnuts

Growing in Himachal Pradesh, Eureka bears early during the mild season. There is a good nut seal between the nuts, and the nuts are of elongated shape. There are moderately plump and easy-to-crack kernels of this light-colored corn.


Franquette Best Walnuts In India

The French walnut variety commonly known as late leafing is mostly found in Jammu and Kashmir. This variety is composed of small but very high-quality nuts well sealed and with a thin but firm outer shell.

Lake English

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Lake English Walnuts

Growing on large trees, this variety bears thin-shelled nuts with light flavors, growing on 50-60 feet tall trees. Sweet and slightly rough, brown oval nuts are round and brown.

Opex Caulchry

walnuts protein

The nuts produced by this variety are high-quality and have a wonderful flavor. Commercial cultivated varieties of this crop are cultivated primarily in Jammu and Kashmir.

Chakrata Selections

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It bears medium-sized nuts with plump kernels, proud of its state of Uttarakhand. The Chakrata selection-1 variety is grown only in the Chakrata region of the district of Dehradun, hence the name.


Gobind Walnuts Best Walnuts in India

 Himachal Commercially Pradesh is the state where this exotic cultivar is grown to its full extent. Kernels’ flavor is excellent, and shells are easy to break and have a soft texture.

The CITH Walnut-1

This variety bears large nuts that have plump and light-hued kernels. The large-sized kernels are enclosed within a smooth and softshell. The yield of this mid-season flower variety is high.

The CITH Walnut-2

Pod-shaped, the nuts are large, and the flavorful kernels are protected beneath a thin shell that is easy to remove.

The CITH Walnut-3

It was introduced in 2009 by the institute variety release committee. The outer shell is rough, and the kernels are of a mild taste

The CITH Walnut-4

Known for its large nuts with a high kernel recovery rate, this variety is a late-season variety. Kernels with a delicate shell contain a delicious flavor.

The CITH Walnut-5

The variety is a late-season bearing variety whose big kernels and greater yield make it one of the best. While the light-colored shell is smooth, the plump, tan, flavorful kernel produces a plump and tasty result.

Top 10 Best Walnut Brands in India in 2023

1. Kashmir Online Store

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There is no better edible nut than the walnut in India. There is no better place than the Kashmir online store to purchase tasty and original walnuts. It’s an excellent place to purchase those items, authentic and fresh Kashmiri walnuts you have always wanted. The Kashmiri walnut is a part of the Kashmiri walnut group. At a price of quite affordable prices, Kashmir online store provides the best quality products and services without causing a dent in your pocket.

2. Happilo

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Besides dry fruits and seeds, Happillo International offers indigenous spices and dates, which are among the largest local brands of top-quality health products.

A wide variety of berries such as blueberries and cranberries are also available there. Over the past several years, Happilo has grown dramatically since its founding nearly 40 years ago. A major player in the walnut export market, it is among the largest manufacturers and sellers of walnuts in the domestic Indian market.

3. Tulsi

walnuts benefits

In India, Tulsi has been regarded as one of the most effective and recognized brands of dry natural products. Another great feature of the brand is its vacuum-pressed pressing, which protects new and untainted forms from contamination. Despite their distinctive taste, tulsi walnuts are crunchy and nutty and add to the flavor of any delicacy while boosting the health of those enjoying a few minerals and nutrients. As an addition to salads, soups, and pasta, walnuts can be eaten alone or added to mixtures of mixed greens, pasta, and oats. There is no doubt that walnuts contain strong protein that may reinforce the immune system and support nerve health. If walnuts are kept in their shells in a cool, dim, and dry environment, they will achieve a longer period of realistic use.

4. Nutraj

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Nutraj Walnuts

Nutraj is one of the best walnut brand in India, and it is trusted for quality and responsibility. We are proud to carry a wide range of nuts and dried organic products that are loaded up with the purity of nature. The assortment of gourmet ingredients is usually sourced, handled with care, and appropriately bundled in impermeable containers. Feel the sound of healthy, nourishing dried foods that grow from the ground. They do not contain any animal products, and they are vegan as well. The product does not contain any GMOs. Chomping on this nut is extremely nutritious since it contains zero trans-fats and is free from cholesterol.

5. Naturoz

Naturoz Top 10 Best Walnut Brands in India

Naturoz walnuts represent walnuts harvested in California, which are of premium quality, delectable, and can therefore be remembered for anyone’s diet routine for a very long time. The active ingredients include copper, folic corrosive, phosphorus, manganese, and vitamin E. In addition to being delicate in bite, they are also delicious. Whether young or old, walnuts are savored by all. The regular bites can be eaten each alone, or the servings can also be eaten together. The Naturoz brand is a great brand to use for raw nuts and dry fruits. In Natureoz we offer you the best and the most nutritive everyday portion with taste and wellbeing in a single pack of the best items and, subsequently, we travel over the world to find the best nuts and organic dry products.

Go Organic Walnuts

Light broken walnut kernels, considered to be the king of dry fruits, have been devoured for many years for their therapeutic advantages. We handpick and get the walnuts from little-known plantations to guarantee the highest quality standards. Each pack of walnuts is then handled in ISO-certified manufacturing plants to ensure they meet the quality standards. We cleanly stuff all our organic nuts and dry organic products within an office that meets all sanitation regulations.

7. Carnival

Carnival Walnut Top 10 Best Walnut Brands In India
Carnival Walnuts

The organic products we offer, nuts, dates, and nuts are 100% authentic, and you can expect nothing less from Carnival. The exceptional walnut from this pack of 250 g comes in a well-designed, modern package that remembers all the sterile precautions that were taken during pressing. The walnuts grown here are believed to come from the United States. After arriving in the assembly line, these nuts are packaged immediately in convenient containers fashion for everyone compliances and clean conditions. A vacuum bag has been used to fill these walnuts. They were then placed in a box that kept the freshness of the nuts.

8. Wonderland Foods

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Despite the fact that these walnuts from wonderland foods are the best source of nourishment, it is a health tidbit that never gets old. Research has demonstrated that consuming walnuts on a regular basis can help you to lessen pressure and age development because walnuts contain vitamin E and antioxidants. There are several neuro-defensive mixes in these supplements, including nutrient E, vitamin B, folate, melatonin, omega-3 fats, and cell reinforcement. Once you have kept up your optimal load, walnuts may also assist you.

Despite their noticeable omega-3 content, rich in protein, high-quality walnuts in 1-kilogram packs are considered “cerebrum food”. A deserving mention goes to Wonderfood in our list of the best walnut brands in India.

9. Sainik's Dry Fruit Mall

benefits of walnuts for females

Unlike most walnuts, these walnuts from Sainik’s dry fruit mall have no shell and are suitable to be enjoyed while cooking or straight from your hands. These are the most commonly found fixings in most heating systems. They add a nutty taste to the bread, frozen yogurt, and biscuits. They are the best walnuts that are authentic and natural. It is known that Indian walnuts have an unmistakable taste and flavor. As one of the best ‘super foods’ nowadays, walnuts are eaten by millions around the globe as an occasional snack or a culinary fixation.

Humanity has known the benefits of walnuts for centuries. Walnuts supply more than 100% of each day’s recommended intake of plant-based omega-3 fat, as well as copper, manganese, molybdenum, and biotin.

10. Urban Platter

walnuts benefits

The walnuts from Urban platter can be a source of proteins and a tasty treat at the same time. As a result of the brand, you will enjoy an improved and guaranteed quality with respect to newness. It’s important to Urban Platter to build relationships between you and the foods you purchase. In essence, that is what its diverse selection of best dry products of the soil delights accomplishes. It would be ideal if you could approach likewise for all intents and purposes everything you are looking at in regards to the dry organic products.

Nuts such as these contain Omega-3 unsaturated fats, dietary filaments, and cancer-preventing compounds, while at the same time they can add a delicious burst to sweets and shakes. A lot of medical advantages are associated with them, including reduced stress and improved memory. Urban Platter is a decent brand to consider.


1. Is it Possible to Loose weight with walnuts?

Even though nuts are considered a high-calorie food, researchers have found that they may help you lose weight.

People assigned to eat nuts lost an average of 2 inches (5 cm) from their waists, significantly more than those assigned to eat olive oil in a large study assessing the effects of the Mediterranean diet.

The antioxidant properties of almonds have been consistent with promoting weight loss rather than weight gain in controlled studies. There is some evidence that pistachios may boost weight loss as well.

2. What are the best Nuts for Reducing Inflammation?

There are powerful anti-inflammatory properties in nuts. The body’s way of defending itself against bacteria that cause injury and other potentially harmful agents. Chronic, long-term inflammation, however, can damage organs and increase disease risk. It may be beneficial to eat nuts to reduce inflammation and boost a healthy aging process

3. What are the benefits of Walnuts for Heart?

A person’s heart is extremely healthy if they eat nuts. Numerous studies show that eating nuts can reduce your risk of heart problems and strokes owing to the reduction in cholesterol levels, bad LDL particle size, artery function, and inflammation.

4.Approximately how long do walnuts last on the shelf?

When walnuts are shelled, their shelf life is longer than when they are shellless. Nuts that have not yet been shelled can last a whole year, sometimes even longer. Consequently, if they are still in their shells, quality walnuts will remain fresh at least for 12 months.

5. Is it possible to eat walnuts if you have diabetes?

Using nuts as a snack alternative for diabetes is a healthy choice. Walnuts are digestible and delicious, and when consumed in moderation, they can help manage diabetes.

6. How good are walnuts for Children?

Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that improve focus. Children who eat walnuts can benefit from the fact that walnuts boost memory and aid in brain development and are very good for the children’s brain development.

7. Can Walnuts be Eaten By pregnant Women?

Walnuts are rich in nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids, which make them an excellent source of nutrition. The omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to enhance a baby’s brain activity, enabling moms to listen properly while pregnant. During your pregnancy, walnuts play a critical role.



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