Top 10 Best Apricots Brands in India 2023

Top 10 best turkish apricots brands in india
Turkish Apricots

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This Article is all about the Top 10 Best Turkish Apricots Brands in India 2023. 

Apricots are fruits belonging to the genus Prunus.  These Apricots are Mediterranean fruits, consumed fresh, cooked, canned, and dried. Turkish Apricots are widely used in making jams. Deliciously tasting Turkish apricots are drupes with large meat, juicy and chewy. Turkish Apricots are flat, Orange in colour, round/ oval in shape.  This fruit is great source of fiber.  A good of Vitamins Like A, C, apricots are similar in looks to Peaches and plums. In Fact in Latin, the meaning of the fruit is early ripen Peaches.   

Apricots are delicate, just like peaches and plums. The Fruit ripens in July, August or September; depending upon the place of cultivation. 

In India, Apricots are grown in Ladakh only. The fruit is of two varieties: Red Apricots and White Apricots. 

But this article isn’t about Ladakhi Apricots, but the top 10 best Turkish apricots brands in India 2023, and we will know about that only.  

Top 10 Best Apricots Brands in India 2023

1. Happilo Turkish Apricots

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Happilo Turkish Apricots

Happilo is a highly accepted snacking brand all over India.

Happilo offers quality content of great varieties of dry fruits and nuts. Chewy, bright orange appearing Turkish Apricots (due to its treatment with Sulphur dioxide) by Happilo are low calorie snacks with high amounts of dietary fiber. The Stone of turkish apricots are removed after drying them in the sun for a while and after pitting the fruit is dried again.

Happilo Turkish Apricots have a rating of 4.2 out of 5 for nearly 4k ratings. The customer reviews are highly positive and the product stands at #1 in Dried Apricots on Amazon. 

Happilo Premium Dried Turkish Apricots come in a plastic bag packaging with a zip-lock. The product packaging is completely airtight.  

2. Dhruv Gold Premium Turkish Apricots

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Dhruv Gold Premium Turkish Apricots

Flavor jammed Turkish Apricots with velvety flesh are packed with Benefits. Seedless Dried Turkish Apricots by Dhruv are smooth and mushy. The taste is somewhat sweet and sour. 

Nutrient loaded dried Apricots by Dhruv are imported from Turkey by BV corporation. Loaded with Vitamin C, Turkish apricots are good for skin as they help getting rid of dead skin cell and give a fresh looking young skin.

Dhruv Gold Premium Turkish Apricots have an overall rating of 3.3 out of 5, since 2020.  The product stands at #100 in dried apricots. 

3. Original Turkish Dried Apricot Khumani

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Originals Turkish Dried Apricot Khumani

Rajasthan based brand importing dry apricots from Turkey, is a treat for those suffering from constipation. 

Originals Dry Turkish Apricots, strengthens bones and improves nerve functioning. The product stands #83 in Dry Apricots and has secured this position in only few months after these snacks were made live on 21st June 2021 for the first time.

The company, on its amazon page also claims its products are completely organic; free from preservatives and chemicals. 

Apricots reduce inflammation, and support healthy blood pressure and heart health. 

4. SFT Apricot Seedless Dried Turkish Apricots

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SFT Apricot Seedless

SFT apricots are obtained directly from growers, then processed, packed in highly hygienic processing plants for retaining the natural taste, aroma and nutrients.

SFT is the brand name for Sona-Fruit Traders, a Ghaziabad UP; company. The    high name in the markets and comes in a zip-lock pouch. 

The best quality dry fruits are distributed through out the country. 

SFT Dry apricots are sun-dried and untreated with Sulphur. While packing, all sorts of hygienic routines are considered and practiced. 

5. Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Dried Seedless Apricots Turkish

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Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Dried Seedless Apricots Turkish

Apricots by berries and nuts, are jumbo sized, seedless, dried fruits. The brand stands 10th in dried apricots. Launched in September 2018, berries and nuts dried apricots has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. The product comes in a zip-lock plastic bag packaging, of dimensions 20 * 2 * 20 centimeters. 

These apricots are sun-dried, sulphuric acid is added for regulating pH.  

A few dried apricots a day are enough for keeping up the Levels of Vitamin K.

6. UpCrop Premium Turkish dried apricot bag

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UpCrop Premium Turkish Dried Apricot

UpCrop Turkish Dried Apricots stands #33 in dried apricots category, only after it was launched for the first time in February 2021. This brand belongs to the south Delhi based company named connedit business solutions pvt. Ltd.  

The Dried Apricots by UpCrop come in a monocarton pack with an inner bag. The bag dimensions are 13 * 19 * 4 centimeters for 200g pack. 

This product has the rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Dried Apricots by UpCrop are essential for a good gut health.

7. Nutraj Premium dried pitted Turkish Apricots 

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Nutraj Premium Dried Pitted Turkish Apricots

Nutraj is one of the oldest names in the dry fruit markets. Nutraj is the brand name for VKC nuts. The apricots are imported and treated with so2 for preservation purposes. 

Nutraj Dried Apricots are pitted and stand #32 in the category. The fruits are packed in a plastic bag packaging, with a zip-lock. 

Apricots are power pack products regulating hemoglobin levels in blood. These iron rich snacks are good for eyes and help keep age related issues away.

8. Super healthy Turkish Apricots

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Super Healthy Turkish Apricots

Super Healthy Turkish Apricots are organic dry fruits rich in antioxidants, and highly demanded for regulating digestive health. 

Super Healthy Dried Apricots come in plastic bag packaging, zip-locked for keeping it air tight. The product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5, since it went online for the first time in march 2021. 

The product needs to be consumed within the month.

9. Roasta Turkish Golden Apricots

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Roasta Turkish Golden Apricots

Roastaa Apricots are one of the best Dried apricots brands. The product stands #10 in Dried Apricots and have a rating of 4.1 out of 5.  

Roastaa Apricots are rich in Vitamin A, potassium and iron. Each of the nutrients provide different benefits. 

Not many are aware of this fact, yet, apricots are used in many dishes across Jammu and Kashmir. So apart from using dry apricots as snacks, it can be used in making dishes as well. 

10. Sainik dry fruit mall premium jumbo dried seedless Apricot Turkish 

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Sainik Dry Fruit Mall Turkish Apricot

Sainik’s dry Fruit mall has always been a brand that worships the quality and customer satisfaction above all. 

The product rating is 4.4 out of 5, one of the highest ratings so far. this is an indication that Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall Turkish Apricots are pretty much accepted among folks. The product stands #9 in the dried Apricots category.

Sainik’s dry fruit mall apricots are packed in plastic box package, within which is a plastic bag in an air-tight condition. The fruit is naturally dried and directly consumable.

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